Verizon Sign Up for Wireless Account — Форум — ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ ПРАКТИЧЕСКОЙ СТРЕЛЬБЫ РОССИИ
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Verizon Sign Up for Wireless Account

  1. To sign up, firstly go through this link >>
  2. opt any of the available business lines and follow below steps.
  3. Wireless service is very easy, just provide phone number and enter the PIN that you’ll get after proving mobile number.
  4. Afterwards typing PIN, continue towards more options.
  5. In case of Residential Service, you have to have telephone number of Verizon Email and its account number or amount of last bill or the amount of last payment.
  6. In case, if there is no Verizon phone number, just select “NO” and give your Zip code and a/c number.
  7. That’s enough to create an account in it.

These instruction help you to complete solutions of  Verizon Email Setup process.

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